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Your wedding journey will start with the planning process, a seamless planning process is key to successfully pulling off the perfect wedding.

Where it all Begins

Planning is the Key to
the Perfect Wedding


Event Design

Planning a wedding is about creating unforgettable moments. Consider us your one-stop for all event needs. We work closely with each client to customize every detail of their dream wedding.


Event Production

What makes the difference! The production process is key to going the extra mile on your wedding day and producing a sophisticated event and professional result. 

wedding coordination

On-site Coordination

Just pop the champagne and enjoy your day! We have it all covered so that you, your fiancé, your family and bridal party can continue to soak in the love and excitement with nothing to worry about.

wedding paperwork


Since getting married abroad requires some paperwork & appointments with the officials, we  will happily assist you in every step of the way.


Celebrants & Blessings

Book with us a celebrant for your wedding ceremony. Our celebrants officiate both legal and symbolic ceremonies.

Anna and John


Our team can assist with transports to and from your venue. Either its a Vintage Bridal car or a Bus for the guests, we got you covered.

How the magic happens

Our Process

Planning a wedding is about creating unforgettable moments and being able to share them with the people you love. Consider us your one-stop for all event needs. 

At Love and Lace, we work closely with each client to customize every detail of their dream wedding. We take care of every single detail, making the whole process entirely stress-free. Leave venue management, menu planning, selection of vendors and everything else to us and channel your energy into your feelings. We are here to support you in every step of the way.

We work side by side with our brides and grooms to create a magical experience for you and your guests, and above all, a day to remember and cherish forever.

Once the vision is set, we manage the details of vendor coordination and timelines to set the stage for a flawless event. We’ll manage your budget and frequently updated it, so you can always know where you stand and avoid any surprises.

We limit the number of Weddings and Events we accept every year to ensure top-notch service to every one of our clients. Be ready to enjoy your engagement and planning!


Event Design

Let’s make your day unique. We work with you to select the perfect venue, determine the event design, and cast a talented team of vendors and service providers for your wedding and the surrounding events. From florists to musicians and photographers to beauticians, we have cultivated an in-depth knowledge of the event industry in Algarve to help you transform your vision into a reality.


Production starts with the seleccion of vendors. We select the most appropriate local vendors and work closely with them to always presente our clients with several options so they have a choice.
Part of the production process will also include technical aspects and logistics, such as the marquee, fairy lights, stage, sound system, fireworks and so much more. All these fine details play a part in making your day unforgettable.
Excellent production combined with impeccable planning & design is the perfect combination to a successful wedding. The production part is the ceiling that will allow your beautiful florals to hang above your dinner tables or the lights and fireworks that will make your first dance a memorable one. Production is the tip of the iceberg that requires a detailed attention.

On-site Coordination

As the on-site coordinator, we coordinate all the vendors involved and ensure that the day runs smoothly, as well as make sure every single detail is handled perfectly.
Every supplier receives a detailed schedule several weeks before the wedding, laying out their time of arrival and tasks. Everything is double-checked on the day, from setup to breakdown, and we are here to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
From the moment you arrive to the Algarve, allow yourself to fully enjoy spending time with family and friends. We are with you behind the scenes, supervising and keeping everyone on schedule, managing the vendors and corralling the guests so that everything is as cool and smooth as your first sip of champagne.


Our legal team will take care of all the necessery paperwork on your behalf, from booking the Civil Register to providing the necesserry certified documentation translation.
If you are planning your own wedding and just feel lost on the burocratic processo of making it legal, we can help.
The certification is legally binding all over the world.
Contact now for details about booking this service only. Legal guidance will be provided after the service is booked.


Bookings can also be made separately for this service. We can assist you if you are planning your own wedding and just need someone to conduct and celebrate your ceremony. 


Whether looking for a specific aesthetic, making sure the wedding party arrives on time, or providing safe transport to and from a reception, planning transportation for your wedding can seem like a daunting task, but with an experienced professional to help guide you, it should be a painless process.