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Getting Married
in Portugal

An enchanted setting where you can experience the magic of the most beautiful day, a timeless atmosphere that fluctuates between the golden elegance of the noblest traditions and the tempting charm of the most seductive glamor.

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360 days of sunshine


Getting married in Algarve can be the fulfillment of your dreams! If you’ve ever imaged your celebration among the lush green hills, olive groves, overlooking the infinite blue sea – then Algarve is a place that will suit you perfectly.

Weddings in Algarve are always graceful, from legally binding ceremonies, symbolic blessings, Church or same sex weddings, Algarve attracts a lot of couples from around the world so celebrate their dream day. 

There’s no shortage of high quality beaches either. Sandy stretches as far as the eye can see, framed by golden cliffs, virtually deserted islands marking the boundary between Ria Formosa and the sea, and small coves sheltered by the rocks. And there are also the mountains, where people live in harmony with nature and maintain traditions that they love to share.

Undisputed beauty, excellent food, ancient traditions, warm hospitality makes the Algarve the idyllic setting for your fairy tale wedding!

Out of the beaten track


Alentejo is set in the South of Portugal, between the Tagus River and the Algarve. The East borders Spain and the West is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. It is an extensive region, essentially rural and sparsely populated, which makes up about one third of Portugal. The beauty of its landscapes and the wonder of its archaeological, monumental, architectural and ethnographic heritage and, par excellence, its cuisine and wines, provide the visitor with exceptional experiences to be discovered through nature and cultural tourism.

The Alentejo is a perfect ng destination for couples that are looking for a out of the beaten track wedding. with its lively small cities, a wonderful Atlantic coast, and vast blue skies, Alentejo is one of the safest parts of one of the safest countries in the world. The climate is mild and dry. It is just an hour from Lisbon and the Algarve. Alentejo is made up of cork forests, vineyards and olive groves but also more than 85 miles of Atlantic coastline. 


A fairy tale setting


With its rippling mountains, dewy forests thick with ferns and lichen, exotic gardens and glittering palaces, Sintra is like a page torn from a fairy tale. Its Unesco World Heritage–listed centre, Sintra-Vila, is dotted with pastel-hued manors folded into luxuriant hills that roll down to the blue Atlantic.

If in search of a romantic, nature-heavy, and whimsical feel, head to Sintra. Just inland of Cascais, Sintra is a beloved destinations for wedding in Portugal, as well a must-see for visitors. The hills and forest around Sintra make for a micro-climate that feels completely distinct from its surroundings. Filled with castles, former monasteries, and hidden gardens, this gem of a city offers a plethora of elopement locations.  From pops of color at their floral-focused ceremony to endless strings of twinkle lights at their al fresco reception, today’s wedding in Portugal is the definition of whimsical.

This Portugal’s resort town of just outside of Lisbon, is an absolutely perfect estination for a wedding for the ones that envision a celebration surrounded by natura and centuries of history. A wedding in Portugal is the definition of whimsical. Trust us, we know better. 

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